Atmosphere, Expertise and Experience

Jack the Ripper Walking Tour guide Richard Jones.

With more and more companies now offering Jack the Ripper tours around London, we honestly believe that our combination of originality (we were after all the first), authority (our guides have, between them, written ten books on the mystery), and authenticity (we begin in the heart of the area and actually follow a route that is brim full with atmosphere, as well as making sense chronologically).

When you also consider that we regularly roll out our entertaining and educational videos on the case, that we publish a huge amount of information about it, and that we are constantly pursuing new lines of enquiry that frequently advance the state of ripperology to new levels, you can see that, when it comes to the Jack the Ripper walk, we are, very much, in a league of our own.

We Even Invite Your To Watch Us At Work

Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak, and so, as part of our commitment to actually showing you what our walks are like, we also provide a virtual Jack the Ripper tour, that is guided by Richard Jones and which features expert input from our guides Lindsay Siviter and John Bennett, and which also includes interviews with local residents whom we have come to know over our 32 years of providing Londoners and visitors alike with the best Jack the Ripper experience bar none.

See For Yourself - Watch Part of the Virtual Tour

The above is just one of the many videos that we have made over the years, and it really does capture the essence of what our walks are about. Enthusiastic guides, who are passionate about the subject; a true command of the facts coupled with the ability to put the information across in an gripping and engaging fashion; and a route that is as atmospheric as it is intriguing.

You can see more of our videos on our documentaries page by clicking here.

Smaller Groups For A Better Experience

The other point that differentiates our tours from the others is the fact that we are the only company that actually limits the number of participants to a sensible and manageable number.

Richard Jones guiding a walking tour.

Guide Richard Jones

We're not, never have been, and never will be one of the cattle drive London walks that cram huge numbers onto their tours and expect their clients to just accept it without question.

We want you to enjoy a truly positive experience when you join us for a tour and so we ask you to book in advance to enable us to limit the number in the group to a more manageable number of around 34 people per guide, a number of participants that we find our guides can cope with comfortably.

In addition, our guides have booming voices that can carry above the background noise with which London abounds.

So this, coupled with our smaller sized groups, ensures that you can hear every word of their commentary.

Aldgate East is a Better Starting Point

When it comes to exploring Jack the Ripper's London Aldgate East is much better as a starting point than Tower Hill.

The first alleyway that our tour goes into.

The Beginning of our Tour

Tower Hill, which is in the City isn't actually located close to any of the murder sites, and so the tours that start there spend a large percentage of the walk traipsing through undistinguished streets, lined by modern office blocks, that are totally devoid of character and atmosphere. In addition, it takes them at least 40 minutes to even reach a site that is connected with the crimes.

By contrast, Aldgate East Underground Station is located on Whitechapel High Street and, without laboring the authenticity point too much, these were the "Whitechapel Murders."

Our tour actually starts in the area where the murders occurred and goes straight into the old, cobbled alleyways where Jack the Ripper carried out his murderous reign of terror. Indeed we immediately visit the sites of the first and second in the sequence of killings and then follow a chronological route that takes in many more of the actual murder sites.

By contrast, when the Tower Hill departures eventually do arrive at a connected location, the site in question is Mitre Square, where the fourth murder took place! That's a bit like going to see a play and having it start with the penultimate act! It just doesn't make any sense.

It's a no brainer really! If you're going to do a tour that takes in the Whitechapel Murders, isn't it much better to join a walk, such as ours, that actually starts in Whitechapel, and which does actually visit the murder sites?

We Show Original Photographs

The other unique aspect of out tour is the chance you get to hold and peruse original Victorian photographs that show the streets you are exploring as they were at the time of the murders.

This really does add an element of time travel to the walk, as you can study each photograph at the location it was taken from and compare your surroundings as they are now with how they were then.

So, Join Us For A Great Tour

We'd truly welcome the opportunity to show you the streets that we have been walking for over 32 years and let you see the sheer passion that we have for the story and the history of the East End of London.

Our promise to you is that you'll see buildings and streets that have survived from 1888; you'll explore them in a reasonably sized group of like minded enthusiasts; the story of the murders will be laid before you in a chronological order; and you'll be guided by internationally recognised authorities who will go out of their way to ensure you enjoy the best tour ever.

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