When it comes to choosing a Jack the Ripper walk we fully understand that, these days, you have many companies to choose from.

The Cover for our DVD Unmasking Jack the Ripper.

Unmasking Jack the Ripper

However, no other company can offer you the sheer breadth of expertise that you will find with our tour guides.

That is because we have never made use of actors or jobbing guides who simply learn a script, read a few books and then proceed to call themselves "experts" on the Jack the Ripper case.

Our guides have written books and documentaries on the case; they are called upon to appear as expert interviewees on television documentaries about the mystery; and they have even acted as consultants for film projects about the crimes.

They are devoted to ongoing research about the case and, as a result, are able to not just tell you the story but to also discuss all the facts with you.

In short, when you take a Jack the Ripper guided tour with us you will be exploring the streets of the East End in the company of the guides who wrote the books not guides who have just read a few books.

As a result you'll enjoy a far more in depth tour that will be up to speed on all the latest developments in a case that is still the subject of intense research, even though 125 years have now passed since the Jack the Ripper crimes shook the world.

Guides who know how to present

But, in addition to being the most knowledgeable and informed on the case, these guides are also great presenters who are able to imbue their tours with passion and flair the like of which is unrivalled in the walking tour business.

That's why they're constantly called upon by television companies to appear as expert interviewees or, in the case of Richard Jones and Philip Hutchinson, to even present programmes on the crimes.

The great thing about our Jack the Ripper walk is that, because of our huge body of television work, you can actually watch us before you join us for a walk.

Indeed, we are the only walking tour company that makes it possible for you to watch your guides at work when you are making your decision on who to go with.

View before you do

In addition you can actually watch many of our documentaries here on our website and thus gain a thorough grounding in the facts and twists of what is, without doubt, the World's greatest murder mystery.

That's why rival companies often feature our programmes on their websites and attempt to pass them off as their own!

Imitation is not only the sincerest form of flattery, it's also proof positive that our guides really are superior!

Don't settle for less than the best

But, in all seriousness, when you're choosing who to take your Jack the Ripper Tour with, you owe it to yourself to be guided by the experts. Guides who can, not only tell you the facts, but who can also answer your questions and discuss the case with you in detail.

That's why we name our guides. Because you can then check out their credentials on Amazon or, for that matter, on all the major Jack the Ripper resource sites.

The crème de la crème of Ripper guides

When you join us for a walking tour you will be met by a friendly guide who will be happy to chat with you as you wait for the tour to begin.

Each of our guides has their own style, their own character and their own area of expertise on the subject.

John Bennett

John Bennett is laid back, chatty and witty and, in recent years, he has established a solid reputation as one of ripperology's leading authorities.

Jack the Ripper walks guide John Bennett.

John Bennett

His tours are peppered with little segments of mimicry whereby he will act out various parts of the tour to provide a vivid insight into the events of 1888.

He also prides himself on presenting the facts in a thought-provoking, intelligent way that doesn't in any way sensationalise the case.

John is also a major author on the case whose books include Jack the Ripper: CSI Whitechapel (Andre Deutsch 2012); The Complete and Essential Jack the Ripper (Penguin 2013); and Jack the Ripper: The Forgotten Victims (Yale 2014).

John has appeared as an expert interviewee on many of the documentaries about Jack the Ripper.

He recently featured on Lucy Worsley's A Very British Murder on BBC4, and was a major interviewee on the Fred Dinenage Murder Casebook, on the Crime and Investigation Channel.

However, his greatest contribution to the world of ripper documentaries is, without doubt, the Channel 5 documentary Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story which he not only appears on but which he also co-wrote with leading ripperologist and fellow author Paul Begg.

Lindsay Siviter

Those who join Lindsay Siviter for a tour are immediately struck by her warm personality and her evident passion for the subject.

Ripper walking tour guide Lindsay Siviter at Sir William Gull's grave.

Lindsay Siviter at
Sir William Gull's Grave

As one of the leading researchers on the case, she is up to speed on all the latest developments, whilst her job at the Metropolitan Police Crime Museum means that she is privy to some inside information that other guides simply do not have access to!

Lindsay is also the official biographer for one of the major suspects, Sir William Gull, and has even visited South Africa at the invitation of his descendants to further her researchers into this prominent ripper suspect..

As one of the World's most respected researchers on the case Lindsay has often been called in to act as a consultant on numerous ripper-related projects from books, to exhibitions to television documentaries.

Viewers will have seen her appearances as a talking head interviewee on a variety of world-wide television documentaries.

As an historical consultant she has appeared in numerous television programs and documentaries over the years including Unmasking Jack the Ripper; The World of Jack the Ripper; and, most recently Jack the Ripper : The Definitive Story, which was screened on Channel Five and the History Channel.

She recently completed filming for a Channel 5 documentary, which is due to air in 2014, for which she provides an insight into inmate Ethel Le Neve and her famous lover Dr Crippen.

She typifies our commitment to fronting our tours with undisputed experts on this fascinating case.

Read more about Lindsay

Richard Jones

Richard Jones is the doyen of Jack the Ripper guides and has been conducting walks around the Whitechapel Murders sites since 1982.

Jack the Ripper walking tour guide Richard Jones.

Richard Jones

He brings a thoughtful analysis of the facts and events to his tours which, coupled with the dramatic flourishes he is known to interject into his narratives, help give participants the distinct impression that they are a part of the original police investigation and are given the opportunity to interact and discuss the evidence as they make their way around the tour route.

A published author, Richard has written two books dedicated to the Jack the Ripper mystery - Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London and Jack the Ripper: The Casebook.

He also produced, wrote and presented the critically acclaimed drama/documentary on the case Unmasking Jack the Ripper.

Richard has appeared on the majority of Jack the Ripper documentaries over the last 20 years.

These include History's Mysteries: The Hunt For Jack the Ripper (The History Channel); Jack the Ripper: The American Suspect (The Discovery Channel); The World of Jack the Ripper (The History Channel); Vic Reeve's Investigates Jack the Ripper (Sky 1); Most Haunted Live - Jack the Ripper (Living TV); and Jack The Ripper: The Definitive Story (Channel 5).

He also appears on the DVD that accompanies the Johnny Depp film From Hell and even took the group Green Day around on their own private Jack the Ripper walk in 2005.

In addition, Richard is also fully qualified Blue Badge Tourist Guides, which means he has undertaken an intensive two year study course which was followed by a series of 11 exams to test his knowledge and competency.

Having been awarded this prestigious accolade he is part of a handful of elite tourist guides that are allowed to guide inside the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle and St Paul's Cathedral.

Philip Hutchinson

Every one of Philip Hutchinson's walks is, very much, a tour de force through the Jack the Ripper story that is packed full of dramatic twists and turns that really do transport his audiences back to that long ago era of gaslight and terror.

Indeed, the popular website Go Europe acclaims him as "the best Ripper guide in London", and those who have taken his walk around the sites of the Whitechapel Murders would, no doubt, agree with that assessment.

Jack the Ripper guide Philip Hutchinson outside the Ten Bells Pub.

Philip Hutchinson

Philip possesses that rare ability of being both a fount of knowledge on the subject and a first rate showman who is able to inform and entertain his audiences in equal measure.

Over the years he has toured to many corners of the United Kingdom and the United States presenting his lecture on the case Jack the Ripper: Facts, No Fiction. Indeed, his performance at the 2013 Brighton Fringe was so well received that he was awarded a five-star review from Broadway Baby.

He has lectured on the case in many places in the UK (often touring with his one-man lecture, which received a five-star review from Broadway Baby at the Brighton Fringe in 2013) including the City of London Police HQ, and in America.

Philip is the author of The Jack The Ripper Location Photographs.

It was in the course of researching this major contribution to the field of Jack the Ripper studies that Philip discovered many historically important images of the murder sites, many of them hitherto unseen, and several of which are now featured exclusively on our walking tour of the area.

Not content with these major finds Philip went on to uncover an image that has been hailed as "the most important photographic find in Ripper studies for quarter of a century" - the only known photograph of the murder site of Elizabeth Stride.

Philip has been interviewed for many television programmes about the case, including The Real Jack The Ripper (History Channel); Freemasonry Secrets Revealed (Discovery Channel); Find My Past (Yesterday), Efterlyst (Swedish TV); Babylone (French TV); Jack The Ripper: The Definitive Story (Channel 5); The Myth Of Jack The Ripper (German film); and In The World Of Jack The Ripper (History Channel).

In addition, his podcast interviews for Rippercast remain a popular download to this day.

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