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The Jack The Ripper Tour - The London Murder Mystery Walk - Join the original Jack the Ripper tour and walk in the footsteps of history's most infamous character as you explore the old alleyways where the Whitechapel murders occurred.
The Murder of Alice McKenzie - 17th July 1889 - On July 17th 1889, the body of Alice McKenzie was found in Castle Alley, Whitechapel, and the people of the East End feared that Jack the Ripper was back.
The Murder of Annie Chapman - Jack the Ripper's Second Victim. - Details of the events of the morning of 8th September 1888 when Annie Chapman's body was found in the back yard of 29 Hanbury Street.
Book A Jack The Ripper Walk. - On this page you can book your places on our Jack the Ripper London Walking Tour.
Catherine Eddowes - The Fourth Victim of Jack the Ripper - Details of the 30th September 1888, when PC Watkins discovered the body of Catherine Eddowes, Jack the Ripper's fourth victim, in Mitre Square in the City of London
Jack the Ripper Documentaries. - Watch a selection of the documentaries that we have, over the years, made on the case. See the murder sites and explore the history of Jack the Ripper.
Elizabeth Stride - The Third Jack the Ripper Victim - On the 30th September 1888 Jack the Ripper returned and continued his killing spree by murdering Elizabeth Stride in Berner Street.
Emma Smith - The First Whitechapel Murder Victim - A look at the attack on, and subsequent death of, Emma Smith, the first Whitechapel Murders victim.
The Murder of Frances Coles - 13th February 1891 - The last crime in the Whitechapel Murders sequence was the murder of Frances Coles on 13th February 1891.
Reviews of the Jack the Ripper Walking Tour. - Some of the press reviews about our walk as well as comments from our clients who have participated in our Jack the Ripper tours.
Jack The Ripper History - An Overview of the Case. - Our history of the Jack the Ripper crimes begins with an outline and overview of the generic Whitechapel Murders.
Contact Details For the Jack the Ripper Tour - How to contact the Jack the Ripper walk by email and by phone.
The Leather Apron Scare - History of the Jack the Ripper Crimes - In early September 1888 police investigations into the Whitechapel Murders came up with with a likely sounding suspect Leather Apron.
An Interview With Lindsay Siviter - Jack the Ripper tour guide Lindsay Siviter talks about her experiences as a researcher and tour guide.
Martha Tabram - Possibly Jack the Ripper's First Victim - Although she was a Whitechapel Murders victim, there is intense debate as to whether Martha Tabram, murdered in early August 1888, was the first victim of Jack the Ripper.
Mary Nichols - Jack the Ripper's First Victim. - Our history of the Jack the Ripper crimes continues with a look at the murder of Mary Nichols, whose body was found in Buck's Row on 31st August 1888.
The Murder of Mary Kelly - Jack the Ripper's Final Victim - We conclude our history of the Jack the Ripper murders with the story of the death of Mary Kelly, the final victim, who was murdered on 9th November 1888,
Jack the Ripper Photos - The Crime Scenes Then and Now. - Our photo gallery features a selection of photographs of the Jack the Ripper murder scenes, and other sites, showing them as they have appeared over the last 126 years.
The Pinchin Street Torso - Murder of An Unknown Woman - On 10th September 1889 the finding of a female torso, under a railway arch in Pinchin Street, sparked rumours that the ripper was back and the murders had resumed.
Private Jack the Ripper Tours For Groups and Schools - You can, if you wish, book your own private guide to take you on a Jack the Ripper tour around London's East End.
The Murder of Rose Mylett - 20th December 1888 - On 20th December 1888, Rose Mylett was found murdered in the East End of London and people began to fear the return of Jack the Ripper.
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Dear Boss - Letters From Jack the Ripper - A look at the letters that purported to come from the killer including the infamous Dear Boss Jack the Ripper letter.
Jack the Ripper's Clue - The Message on the Wall - We follow Jack the Ripper's escape route from Mitre Square and consider the clue that was left in a nearby doorway.
Getting To The Jack the Ripper Walk - On this page you will find directions for reaching our meeting point, which is outside Exit Four of Aldgate East Station.
Thomas Cutbush - A Jack the Ripper Suspect - Leading ripperologists Paul Begg and Richard Jones discuss their findings when they reviewed the asylum records of Jack the Ripper suspect Thomas Cutbush.
Unmasking Jack the Ripper - The Drama/Documentary - Acclaimed as the best recent documentary on the Jack the Ripper murders, you can now watch Unmasking Jack the Ripper in full.
Jack the Ripper Victims - The Whitechapel Murders - An overview of the victims whose names appear on the Whitechapel Murders file, and a look at the canonical five victims of Jack the Ripper.
The Virtual Jack the Ripper Tour. - Join Richard Jones as he leads you on a virtual tour around the Jack the Ripper murder sites to see them as they are now and as they were in 1888.
Jack the Ripper Walk - Join The Experts and Discover The Facts. - Our Jack the Ripper walking tour guides are internationally recognised as experts on this fascinating case and on the history of London in general.
Jack the Ripper Walking Tour Map. - Our walking tour map shows the main locations and sites associated with the Jack the Ripper Murders so that you can plan a walk around the area and follow the route of our tour.
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