By Richard Jones

Richard Jones's book Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London leads the reader on a journey into the very heart of the area where the Whitechapel Murders occurred.

The book cover for Richard's book Uncovering Jack the Ripper's London.

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Lavishly illustrated throughout, the book contains lots of Victorian photographs that show the streets as they were in 1888, but it also contains many specially commissioned photographs (taken by Sean East), that show the locations connected with Jack the Ripper as they are today.

The book does not set out to solve the mystery, but rather to present the reader with the facts of the case and give an insight into the everyday lives of the men, women and children who lived through the ripper scare.

Many reviewers have applauded the book's approach and have commented on how it is very different from other books in that it doesn't' attempt to, in any way, sensationalise the events of the autumn of 1888.

What it does do is make the reader think about the social conditions in the area that, in many peoples opinions, helped foster the Jack the Ripper murders.

The book also analysis the police investigation into the case and highlights the failures, and the successes, of the hunt for the ripper as the Metropolitan Police tried to understand a serial killer, the like of which they had never encountered before.

It also charts the origins of many of the common fallacies on the case, such as Jack the Ripper's top hat and medical bag, and details how many of these ripper myths came about as a result of the press grubbing around in that aftermath of each of the murders desperately seeking information that they could put into their newspapers and, as a result, sell more copies!

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Written and Produced By Mark Ubsdell and Richard Jones

Unmasking Jack the Ripper has been hailed by many leading ripperologists as the best documentary in recent years to have appeared on the case.

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Critically Acclaimed

Written and presented by author and historian Richard Jones, and directed by award winning director Mark Ubsdell, the 75 minute, critically acclaimed, drama/documentary takes the viewer on a breath taking journey through the streets of Victorian London's East End as the police, press and public attempt to comprehend the utter horror of the events that are unfolding in their midst.

The front cover for the dvd Unmasking Jack the Ripper.

Unmasking Jack The Ripper
Front Cover

Featuring a wide selection of expert interviewees, who help keep the pace moving throughout, Unmasking Jack the Ripper guided you through the twists and turns of the hunt for Jack the Ripper and takes a detailed look at the social conditions that became such an important focus for reformers once the Whitechapel Murders exposed them.

The two main expert interviewees, who provide valuable historical insights into the case, are Paul Begg (author of The Definitive Jack the Ripper and leading crime researcher Lindsay Siviter.

In addition the film also featured dramatic reconstructions of the main events of the ripper saga that were filmed on location in the streets of London's East End, or were filmed in the London Dungeon, the Clink Prison Museum and the, now defunct, but wonderfully atmospheric, House of Detention in Clerkenwell.

Zena Shine, who may even be a descendent of the police's main suspect for the mantle of Jack the Ripper and who grew up in the area where the murders occurred in the 1920's, provides some wonderful insights into and memories of the area as it used to be.

Unmasking Jack the Ripper takes the time look thoughtfully at the police investigation into the crimes and poses such questions as "could the police have done more to catch Jack the Ripper?"; " why didn't the police catch Jack the Ripper?"; and would the killer be caught today?"

It also looks at how the press reported on the case and how, in many ways, the legend of Jack the Ripper, was, in fact, a press invention.

Combining, as it does, astute and detailed historical analysis and commentary, with masterful storytelling, Unmasking Jack the Ripper is a firm fixture in the curriculum of many English and American schools and many history teachers use it to provide pupil's with an introduction and insight into Victorian social history and policing methods.

So, if you are the type of person who enjoys history, and you possess an interest in the history of one of the most infamous murder sprees of all time, then join Richard Jones, Mark Ubsdell, Paul, Begg, Lindsay Siviter and Zena Shine and, enjoy 75 minutes of riveting historical storytelling as, from the comfort, and safety, of your arm chair, you join the hunt for Jack the Ripper.