What Our Clients And The Press Think

Over the years our Jack the Ripper walking tour has received numerous positive reviews in newspapers all over the World.

But, in addition to the numerous press accolades attesting to the quality of our Jack the Ripper tour and the professionalism of our guides, the feedback we are most proud of is that received from those who have joined us for our walk and who have been so pleased with their experience that they have taken the time to either write and let us know what they thought of the tour or have posted a review on our Tripadvisor or Facebook pages.

These reviews and testimonials often come from people who have taken a Jack the Ripper walk with several different companies and what is really rewarding for us is that they often comment that they consider ours the best of the Jack the Ripper tours.

The Best Of The Ripper Guides

"Philip brings the atmosphere of Jack the Ripper's London alive.

He's your link to Victorian London - and a very good one indeed.

The best of the Ripper guides, in fact, in my experience."


A Delightfully Animated Guide

"... Richard Jones, a delightfully animated guide, takes his captivated audience past some parts of London it's a sure bet they would never see otherwise.

It's hard not to shiver a few times, but it certainly adds an eerie, realistic air to the adventure ..."


He Told The Story With Real Passion

" John Bennett is fantastic.

His commentary and knowledge were excellent. John told the story with real passion and true understanding.

This one is the one to book."


Lindsay Was Such A Delight

"Lindsay was such a delight.

She was warm, engaging, knowledgeable and so professional.

She clearly has a passion for the subject and is a true ambassador for your company."


I Was Pleasantly Surprised

"Could you please pass on my thanks to John for the excellent and entertaining tour he provided for myself and my family last night.

My father actually grew up in Wilkes Street and it was a special treat for him to see his childhood haunts and he was thrilled to bits by the whole experience.

For the rest of us it was an opportunity to see an area we'd heard so much about as kids as well as getting filled in on the story of Jack the Ripper.

John pitched his tour just right and was able to make us laugh and cringe throughout.

I must confess that when I booked the tour I expected to just get a gimmicky hammed up guide trying to make us jump, so I was pleasantly surprised that what we actually got was a man who obviously is passionate about the area and who was able to keep several generations enthralled and interested throughout the whole two hours.

John is a credit to you and now he is firmly rooted in the folklore of our family!"


A Big Thank You

"...a big thank you to Philip for taking myself and my friend round for the tour - and thanks for signing the book with kisses LOL.

You gave a very good guided tour, obviously very knowledgeable about what you're saying, you're a credit to your company."


You Had Us Gripped


What a bitterly cold night it was last night, but I really must say a huge thank you to you for the Jack the Ripper tour you gave us.

From the start you had us gripped with the full drama of what happened way back then and those first streets we went in to were fantastic. It was like being back in Jack's day.

I particularly liked your touch when you asked us to close our eyes and smell the smoke from the house fires. When you then asked us to multiply that by the number of houses in London in the 19th century all burning coal it really did bring home to me how choking London must have once been.

I hope the nights get warmer for you, but the warmth and enthusiasm of your presentation made for a great night no matter how cold."


I Would Do It Again Immediately

"We made this tour last week (Tuesday), when we were on vacation in London. Our guide was John Bennett and he was really great.

The walk through Whitechapel was interesting and he gave us a lot of information...including all the details about the victims and places.

Besides it all, john eased it up with funny comments and his spontaneous style.

I really felt that he had fun by doing his job and that he is personally interested in Jack the Ripper.

I would do it again immediately...it was worth it!"


The Best Tour In London!

"Just a quick e-mail to say how much we enjoyed last night's Jack the Ripper Tour.

Lindsay was a complete professional, so very friendly and so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the whole subject and she had us well and truly hooked.

She answered all our questions and even dramatised some of the characters, told us poems and sang us a song at the end! Which was perfect for our theatre group - we love a few theatrics!!

Just one other thing, before I go off and tell everyone I know how wonderful your company is... if you are interested we'd love to publicise you as the best tour in London!

Many thanks again it was a really great evening."


Nothing Forced Or Over The Top

"I'd wanted to do this tour for a while and was slightly overwhelmed with choice of tour groups. I definitely picked well, I could not have asked for a more personable guide! John was informative and so knowledgeable as well as being fantastic with the group. He was captivating and funny.

It's obvious he loves his job, nothing was forced or over the top.

I had expected it to be a bit cringe worthy as it's such a tourist attraction, but it wasn't.

I highly recommend Jack the Ripper Tour - Discovery Tours.

I've lived in London a while and it was great to walk down streets I'd been before only understanding the history this time.

Great value for money."


I Was Satisfactorily Creeped Out

"Ever wandered past a dark doorway and inexplicably had the feeling you were being watched, or felt uncomfortable on a street you've walked a thousand times before? These are the emotions the Jack the Ripper Tour preys on, hunting down your deepest fears!

The east London tour begins and concludes in the bustling and bright Aldgate area, but no matter how well you know the area, when darkness falls shadows are suddenly everywhere.

The tour I took was set up by Richard Jones who has written many books on Jack and the spooky side of London.

I was a little sceptical about how spooky a busy London borough could really be but I was pleasantly (or should I say unpleasantly) surprised to find our guide confidently taking us into alleys and streets lined by houses dating back to 1888, complete with authentic streetlamps and, consequently, bags of atmosphere.

The tour took in the majority of the murder sites and our guide described each event in atmospheric detail...and explained some of the evidence that has been considered in attempting to convict ‘Jack’.

I left Aldgate with an enhanced understanding of the Whitechapel murders, but also feeling satisfactorily creeped out. ..Put it this way - on the way home I found myself avoiding those dark and dingy doorways - just in case."


Very Brilliantly Performed

"I planned for some years to visit my sister in London and do this tour (beside shopping of course). Last week we finally managed it and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!

Our guide was Philip Hutchinson and I's recommend this tour with him even if it cost 100 pounds (of course he suggested us to write this last words!)

Really it was an excellent tour and very brilliantly performed.. Surpassing!"


So Passionate

"Might I say it was an out and out pleasure to be taken around Jack's London with the wonderfully effervescent Lindsay Siviter.

She was so passionate about the subject, and we really felt that we were being shown around by someone who cared about the victims and their fates.

The fact that we also got told about her latest research was a real bonus as we felt were were up to the minute with all that's new about the ripper case.

Thanks Lindsay. You were a highlight of our trip."


Your Knowledge Was Impressive


Can I just say how impressed myself and my colleagues were with the wonderful tour you provided us with last night.

You captured the atmosphere of the times perfectly and your knowledge of the crimes was truly impressive.

I have received nothing but glowing feedback today and we all agree that we are going to be doing another walk with you very soon.

Thanks for creeping us out whilst also giving us such a great lesson of the area in which we work."


A Great Evening's Entertainment

"We went on your Jack the Ripper tour last Saturday with Philip, and we had a great evenings entertainment.

His animated presentation brought some light hearted humour into the tales of grizzly murder in the East End.

It was good to see that some of the original buildings are still standing, even the Ten Bells Pub, which still looked just as rough a place today as it would have been in the ripper's time!

Even the few drunk local idiots were neatly dealt with by Philip, and this brought some realism of what sort of area this was (still is).

Thanks again for a great trip."


A Committed Story Teller

"... Richard Jones is a committed story teller, who shares his enthusiasm with fellow hunters in the dimly lit alleyways, graveyards and hidden courtyards of the City ..."


Absolutely Brilliant

"We recently took part in the Jack the Ripper murder walk with 26 year 10 pupils.

I wanted to write to thank you for the fascinating tour.

Our guide [Philip Hutchinson] was absolutely brilliant with the pupils and pitched the talk right at them.

I also wanted to thank you for your helpfulness and organisation during the planning of our trip.

The pupils found the talk intriguing, they are still talking about it, and it was extremely relevant to their coursework.

I would certainly recommend the Jack the Ripper Walk with your company to other schools."


The Best Walks In London

"... I have been coming to England for many years and have done almost all the ... London walks. In all honesty you are truly the BEST ..."


Alive With History

"Still today, the same streets that Jack used during his killing spree, back in 1888, give you a sense of the proximity of the murders back then and the dank claustrophobia of the area that was full of darkened alleyways, gas-lit, cobbled streets, and dire living conditions...It's alive with history, especially in the autumn, when fires are lit and you can smell the smoke - it really feels like Jack's London..."


Her Knowledge Was Impressive

"My husband, myself, our son and daughter participated in the Jack the Ripper Tour and thoroughly enjoyed it and the time passed very quickly.

Our tour guide, Lindsay Siviter, was very professional and a pleasure to meet and listen to.

Her genuine knowledge of this subject was obvious and impressive.

We have attended several "ghost" tours in the past and the best part of this tour was that it was accurate and factual, and not just a theater student's performance of scary stuff!!

I would highly recommend this tour over any other."


An Eerie Historical Site

"... this is an eerie, historical site.. and, without a single prop, Richard Jones succeeds in conjuring more potent memories out of the area than from a neighbourhood full of palaces ..."


My Mum Was On Tenterhooks!

"Last night I took my mum on the Tour as a birthday present.

We both thoroughly enjoyed Lindsay Siviter's tour and we now will be starting our own research into Jack The Ripper.

Even though it was freezing cold, Lindsay proceeded with professionalism and kept myself and my mum on tenterhooks.

I learned a couple of new things but overall the tour was excellent.

We shall definitely be taking the tour again."


A Wealth of Spine Tingling-Stories

"When it comes to delving into London's darker side, Richard Jones has a wealth of spine-tingling stories up his sleeve. Founder and expert guide of the Jack the Ripper Tour, he has written numerous books on the East End serial killer and has been doing tours since 1982..."


Interesting, Funny and Informative

"I would just like to say a big thank you. Two of us went on the tour and our tour guide was John.

The tour was interesting, funny and informative and was excellent value for money."


Lindsay Was Fantastic

"Good Evening

Just wanted to say that I thought that the tour guide was fantastic. It was a most enjoyable history lesson.

My paternal grandparents lived in St Botolph without Aldgate very close to the crime scenes (1891census) and I have lived close (West Ham) have shopped in the 60's in Black Lion Yard but never knew where the murders took place or exactly when but I do now.

Brilliantly done.

I will recommend your company"

A Thumbs Up All Round

".. Most important of all my fellow "tour" ists all told me how much they had enjoyed the tour and what good value they considered it to be.

A thumbs up all round ..."