Our Jack the Ripper documentaries are packed full of fascinating insights into the case, as well as into the history of the East End of London in general.

Each one of our documentaries was written and produced by Mark Ubsdell and Richard Jones, and each one features expert analysis provided by guides, such as Lindsay Siviter and John Bennett, as well as input from renowned experts on the case, such as Paul Begg.

On this page you can watch tasters of each of our productions. If you wish to watch more, simply click on the relevant link beneath each video and you'll be taken to the dedicated page for that particular video.

Unmasking Jack the Ripper - Part One

An Introduction To The Case

Our drama/documentary on the case, "Unmasking Jack the Ripper", is narrated and presented by our principle tour guide Richard Jones and is intended as an introduction to London as it was in 1888, the year in which the Whitechapel Murders took place.

We begin with a look at the East End of the time and explore the teeming streets and crime-ridden thoroughfares that provided the backdrop against which the saga of the Ripper murders was played out.

Lindsay Siviter paints a vivid picture of everyday life in the Victorian East End, whilst leading Ripperologist, Paul Begg, discusses the effect that a huge influx of immigrants, arriving from eastern Europe, had had on the area as a whole and on the local aboriginal population in particular.

We discuss how the ripper murders impacted on Victorian society, before moving on to cover the first of Jack the Ripper's actual murders, that of Polly Nichols on 31st August 1888.

We finish part one of the documentary with a look at the earlier pre-canonical five murders of Emma Smith and Martha Tabram, and discuss whether or not they were victims of the killer who became known as Jack the Ripper, before ending this segment of the documentary by introducing the various police officers who investigated the Jack the Ripper murders.

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The Victims of Jack the Ripper

One of the most important issues that confronts any investigation of the murders is establishing which of the murders was actually carried out by the killer now known as Jack the Ripper.

So, in this short documentary, we pose, and attempt to answer, the important question "exactly how many victims did Jack the Ripper have?" We then look at the so-called canonical five victims Mary Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Kelly.

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Thomas Cutbush - A Jack The Ripper Suspect

On this video, filmed on location at the Berkshire Public Records Office, Richard Jones interviews leading ripperologist Paul Begg on the asylum records of Thomas Cutbush, a major suspect, whose name was first suggested by a major newspaper in 1894.

Until Paul and Richard accessed the files little hard fact was known about Thomas Cutbush, other than his being sent to Broadmoor in 1892 for allegedly attacking several women in the street.

Once his records became publicly available in 2008, Paul and Richard were on hand to peruse them and, in this video, they discuss their findings and assess Cutbush's viability as a Jack the Ripper suspect.

Watch the full Thomas Cutbush video here

The Jack the Ripper Virtual Video Walk

A Tour of the Jack the Ripper Murder Sites

More of a virtual tour than a Jack the Ripper documentary our walk around the murder sites enables you to see the murder sites no matter where you are located.

Guided by Richard Jones, each video focuses on a particular murder and, not only shows you the murder scene as it is today, but also affords glimpses of how each one appeared in 1888.

Beginning with the murder of Mary Nichol's in Buck's Row, these videos cover the locations of each one of the "canonical five" murder sites.

Lindsay Siviter, John Bennett and Paul Begg provide expert commentaries that highlight the major points of each particular murder, whilst Richard Jones tells each story and points out the landmarks that can still be seen today.

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More Videos Regularly Added

We are constantly updating our video archive to ensure that we keep you abreast of the major developments on the case and provide you with the most up to date information on the Whitechapel Murders.

So, please keep checking this page for our new Jack the Ripper documentaries all of which will be posted here as, and when, they are produced.